Thursday, August 18, 2011

Verragio vs Tiffany Engagement Rings - Why Verragio Branding has Failed!

May we ask WHY?

Verragio vs Tiffany Engagement Rings - Why Verragio Branding has Failed!

Often Companies like Verragio will try to make a mark in the industry by all means, there has to be a line that you don't cross when your are attempting to establish yourself as a True Brand or Lead The Consumer to think that your are a Brand.

Many companies fail this task by making simple mistakes. Here we have an example of Verragio a Designer Engagement Ring and Bridal line which spends a countless amount of time and significant amount of money on the road to Branding. Yet they miss a simple turn in the road to their goal and commit what I would like to call 'Brand Suicide'. How can a "Designer" be taken serious in their artistic design direction in jewelry and their complete brand when such a significant part of their brand, i.e. their web site is a complete knock off from the Industry Leader 'Tiffany & Co.'

We at Emsar Design LTD pride ourselves with not only; continuously setting the benchmark in the jewelry industry for marketing and branding but we also create custom ideas, looks and directions for each and every one of our clients, no matter how large or small of an establishment.

If you happen to visit the web site for Tiffany & Co. at and also visit Verragio's web site at I don't feel a company thats trying to sell themselves as a 'Brand' does itself justice when the end consumer sees you completely knocking off the entire design and concept from a industry leader. There are times that imitation is NOT the greatest form of flattery.

Visiting our client websites you will now maybe appreciate the unique and one of a kind look and feel of every website and branding that has been or is being done by Emsar Design LTD.
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