Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our Services are UNMATCHED!

From time to time we have to make the very difficult decision to stop working with any given account. Altho this happens very rarely sometime we have to do not what we want but what makes sense for the business.

We had been working on the web design, development and overall marketing of Two Lips Shoes for over 3 years. Unfortunately we were no longer in a position to assit that client any longer regrettably.

I just wanted to take a second and write a blog about service and quality of work and the proof is in the numbers! Men lie, women lie, NUMBERS DON'T!

We stopped all aspects of work with Two Lips Shoes - over two months ago. As we no longer have access to showcase what I'm sure is a huge decline in the online sales but we do have public records which showcase the drop of unique visitors at the precise exact time we stopped. 

Reason for me writing this blog is simple, I like to believe that most of our clients fully understand the capabilities and abilities of EMSAR DESIGN LTD. We truly do not have any direct competitors. Sure there are advertising agencies that can design and market better than our abilities, but when you combine the quality of our work and our very unique pricing structures we are so niche that we truly don't have any direct competitors. 

We almost always show our work on this blog and we never show any case studies good or bad. I thought this was a perfect example to truly showcase our work and the subtraction of EMSAR DESIGN LTD from the equation.

I learned the most I had learned about business in the last 5 years from one particular article I read. Here is the link to the article

To sum everything up, we get about 4-5 inquires in an average week for prospective clients that would like to work with us, this is very humbling. We consider every single client and do not take anyone for-granted we pick and choose who we will work with as the relationship needs to and HAS to be mutually beneficial.     

In the words of my idol - Warren Buffett "I never work with anyone that gets my stomach to turn, because I DON'T HAVE TO"

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