Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse Found Dead at 27! R.I.P

Very few artist of Amy's caliber come around, she was in my opinion a true artist. The definition of a great musician.

She came from a dark place and was very uncomfortable in this realm, like most artists that have passed at a very young age. Sometimes talent can be a gift and a curse!

It captivates you and makes you a slave to your own passion. The news of Amy's passing really hit home, I felt like she was very misunderstood and another example how our society loves to build people up to simply bring them down.

All the time that was spent criticizing her actions and none spent on understanding why anyone in her stature would do some of the things she was doing. Nothing, NO ONE does anything without a reason, to every action there is a fundamental root to why someone says, does or acts a certain way.

Before you can judge ones actions you must first understand where they stem from. Its very easy to sit in the comfort of your living room and watch a tabloid cover of how someone, anyone is in a train wreck. Maybe just maybe if the ones reporting or watching these broadcasts were put under the same microscope. There is not a soul that doesn't battle with issues great or small, add the artistic passion and it sometimes becomes catastrophic.

One of my personal favorites was a song Amy Winehouse did with one of my favorite artists of all time Jay-Z.

Here are the Jay-Z lyrics to Rehab by Amy Winehouse Featuring Jay Z


Young, uh
More money, more checks, I'm addicted to fresh
6 pair of kicks is my definition of 12 steps
Kick back in the back, get the phantom to drop
Bass blaring outta my system, that's how I detox
O when will he stop, he still pumping that real shit
My flow so dumb, my face is numb, nigga, I don't feel shit
Where's a therapist? Yeah, I'm outta control
They tryna make me go to rehab, I won't go, no
And so I'm addicted, I'm Britney, Whitney, and Bobby
Betty Ford ain't ready for us, ain't nothing can stop me
Oh look he's collapsing, just look how he's rapping
Everytime I try to get out it pulls me back in
Amy should have rehabed him,'stead she doubled his ration
Can you blame me for being a slave to my passion?
My heroine flows more deeper than Marilyn's nose I'm an O.D.
'til I'm in peace like Anna Nicole,


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