Monday, March 28, 2011

Platinum Motorsport - New Intro - New Website

We at Emsar Design LTD have been working on developing a new website for Platinum Motorsport.

We just launched a new intro for the site in anticipation of the new website coming shortly. Just like every other Platinum Motorsport website we have done in the past this site will be yet another site which will set the benchmark and raise the bar higher for the entire automotive world.

Platinum Motorsport has been the leading trend-setter for the entire automotive world for over a decade in this process the partnership that Emsar Design LTD and Platinum Motorsport have had over the years has taken their trend setting to the virtual world. Every site that we have designed and developed for Platinum Motorsport has been trend setting, be it from using videos as web site intros to automotive blogs. Not to name any particular companies but if you were to go on to any other "Motorsport" web site you will see the Platinum Motorsport influence not only in the work they try to put out but the over all look and feel of the site.

I personally can't count how many times we have had after-market shops from around the WORLD contact us and say this exact line "We would like to make a website just like the one you guys made for Platinum Motorsport" Not understanding that our work of designing and developing the site is one fraction of the equation. The content heavy component of the site is not something that easily achieved, that content aspect makes our job that much easier. Our goal has continuously been one, design and develop a site which captivates the car enthusiast and is not only appealing but informative.

The new website we have been working on for Platinum Motorsport will be just that and more. Stay tuned as the wait will be well worth it.

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