Friday, August 28, 2009

New Simon G Jewelry Web Site

Since 1997 we at Emsar Design LTD have been creating unique web sites, advertisements, marketing material etc...

Every so often there are projects that we work on that are milestone not only for us here at Emsar Design LTD but for out client as well.

Well today August 28th, 2009 is another milestone for both us Emsar Design LTD & Simon G Jewelry our good clients for over 10 years! Having a partnership with Simon G Jewelry has worked out great for both of us, not only are we trend setters in our industry but Simon G Jewelry do the same in theirs.

We today launched the new web site for Simon G Jewelry.

{ CHECK IT OUT HERE } You be the judge of our work and theirs. 


  1. Your ad campaign is a disgrace to women everywhere. Women are not defined by the jewelry that we wear. There is a hell of a lot more to us than just what is on our fingers. YOU CAN NOT TELL ANYTHING ABOUT ME BY MY ENGAGEMENT RING.

  2. The website is nice, but those ads are horrible. The only one that is remotely funny is "settlement." The "foot" and "nine of your fingers" ones are cute.

    But "therapist", "compromise", "cheating", and "looking at her hand" ones just left me speechless - in a BAD way. Those tag lines are just awful! I get that these ads are supposed to be lighthearted/amusing, but they're mostly just offensive.

    What I take away from them is:
    1. This company makes beautiful jewelry.
    2. Their ad photography is fantastic.
    3. They should fire whomever wrote those tag lines. ESPECIALLY for the engagement and wedding rings. I don't know anyone who would want to buy a ring from a company that openly mocks committed relationships between equals.

    Just so you know, apparently I'm not the only one who feels this way, since I found out about this set of ads through a popular wedding blog I follow:

    27 years old and engaged


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