Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Search Engine Placement - Can your customers find you?

It's not only important to have a great looking site but to have the traffic that you need. I always say that it does you no good if we or someone else builds you the hottest looking site if no one can find it.

Driving traffic to your site from all major search engines is the key to your online success.

Search Engine Optimization or also known as SEO is a vital component of your online success. We at Emsar Design LTD have help almost all of our clients with their search engine ranking from clients here in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and overseas in Europe, Asia...

We always recommend that you choose your keywords wisely, what I mean by that is for example if you are a Wheel & Tire Shop located in Los Angeles you do not want to fight a loosing battle and go after keyword such as "wheels & tires" "tires" wheels" etc... Those keywords are too generic and you will be competing against the monsters in the industry and what are the chances that a client that finds you from New York is going to do any business with you when you are located in Los Angels?

So more specific keywords are more effective and will get you more quality hits. I.E. "Wheel Shop in Los Angeles" "Replacement Tires Los Angeles"

This is also true if you are not a local oriented business, say you sell office supplies. You would not want to choose keywords like "pens" "desk" or "furniture" what if for example you only sell ball point pens and the visitor wants a fountain pen. Again you will be spending too much time and money for hits that you probably don't need.

Better for you to choose keywords like... "blue ballpoint pen" "red mouse pad" more specific someone that is searching for a "red mouse pad" will most probably buy the red mouse pad you have for sale or will find one they like... Because that is such a specific search.

Here are some examples of our clients and the placement we have achieved for them:

Sunset Tan

"la tanning" # 5 on google & yahoo
"uv free la" # 1 on google & yahoo
"tanning in la" # 4 on google & yahoo
and many others...

Platinum Motorsport

"la auto boutique" - # 1 on google & yahoo
"auto customization los angeles" - # 1 on google & yahoo
"platinum la" - # 1 on google & yahoo
and many others...

Simon G Jewelry

"designer engagement jewelry" # 3 on google & yahoo
"Tri Colored Fashion Jewelry" # 1 on yahoo
"WideBand Designer Rings" # 1 on yahoo
and many others...

Blaque Diamond Wheels

"1 piece sport wheels" - #1 on google & yahoo
and others...

Hipnotic Wheels

"wheels for donks" - #1 on google & yahoo
and others...

Dunamis Timepieces

"dunamis" - #1 on google & yahoo

So if you find your self asking why is it that I have spent all this money on my web site but I'm not getting the response that I once thought, this may be the answer.

Also be very careful of anyone who guarantees you google or yahoo placement, because no one can! If anyone could that would be google or yahoo and they sell keyword on PPC (Pay Per Click) basis. So if anyone promises you this get your money and run the other way.

At Emsar Design LTD located in Los Angeles we not only specialize in Web Site Design & Development but have a dedicated staff for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Placement.

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