Monday, April 27, 2009

Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery

I just have one question... WHY?

Just like some folks in the U.S. buy the Chrysler 300C for its supposed resemblance to more expensive machinery, Geely has designed a faux Phantom for the Chinese market. The 17.5-foot long executive mover comes loaded for bear, with isolation glass and wool carpet just like a real Rolls-Royce. 

If you're interested, you better like traveling alone – the rear compartment has one center-mounted seat tucked between a contoured bulkhead, like a throne. It even has what appears to be a starlight headliner, but only above the emperor's chair. According to the Chinese site, when compared to the Phantom, the Geely GE "gives the very same feeling of luxury." It might even come with a scepter. Check out the gallery of photos below, and then let us know how to say "Wow..." in Chinese.

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