Sunday, October 19, 2008

DOT-COM BOOM IS BACK. 1997 all over again!

Emsar Design LTD was established in 1997 before the dot-com boom started, and we are now in 2008 in the beginning of yet another dot-com boom.

In a article in LA WEEKLY they talk about the return of the dot-com boom.

Read the full article here: LAWEEKLY

Geek meets tech socialite and parties like it's 1997

To the uninitiated, it’s hard to tell that the Twiistup party at Santa Monica’s Viceroy Hotel is a tech party and not a Hollywood premiere. When your eyes regain focus after the paparazzi flash at the wall of logos, one thought burbles beneath the surface of your consciousness, informing every martini sip and business-card sleight of hand: What if you’d been to a party like this back in the late ’90s, maybe a party not quite this cool or swank, but a party where a couple of college kids were looking for some money to fund their new company? And what if you happened to meet them, and you happened to get along — you’re geeks at heart, after all — and you went into business together in their funnily named start-up? What was it called again? Oh, yes, Google...

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