Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another EMSAR DESIGN LTD Sponsorship...

We are at it again... Coming November 11th we will be sponsoring a event at Nic's Beverly Hills for Luisa's Calendar Launch.

Let me know if you guys are interested in joining the event...

Check out the invitation:

We will post images from the event...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Well I told you guys about this a few blogs ago, we were the Official Sponsor for the Mosci Clothing Fashion Show at AREA Night Club.

Here are a few images from the event:

Platinum Motorsport 10 Years!
Sponsorship Opportunity

As Platinum Motorsport gets ready to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. You can be apart of this great event with Kim Kardashian as the host of the night, along with over 10 Live performances. T-Pain, Jabba Wockeez, Tyga, Fabolous, Gym Class Heros, Paul Wall, Young Life, Celebrity Guest DJ Nick Cannon additional performances are yet to be announced...

Check out their web site and see how Platinum Motorsport went from idea to icon in 10 years!

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities please call Emil Sardaryan at 800.886.2120.

We will definitely blog about this event once it happens!!! Stay Tuned!

Monday, October 27, 2008


We are very excited to bring you MPGUNS.COM. Our newest web site launch is for a company out of Corpus Christi, TX and they are the largest retailer for rifles in the United States.

MPGUNS.COM is the new web site for a retail location that has been in business for decades. The owner Malak was very easy going which made the entire process a breeze. It's always good when the clients have faith in us and trust our work, I always feel that the best web sites we ever design & develop are ones that have the least amount of creative input from the clients.

You can check out the web site here... MPGUNS.COM

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Parseghian Records Over 11 Years Online!

Sometimes we all need to take a second and appreciate everything... This is what I would like to do now, over 11 years ago in 1997 Parseghian Records was our very first client.

Understanding that in 1997 the internet was a very new concept it was not something that people understood or were eager to be on. When they were first approached by me (Emil Sardaryan) at the time Kevork Parseghian and Daniel Parseghian both saw the potential of this medium. I built the web site for them with audio samples at the time, keep in mind this was before or itunes existed. We have since re-build the web site over 3 times.

We are very proud to say that Parseghian Records is still a loyal client of ours, this is something that I am personally proud of.

I guess the point of this blog is, we are all always so busy and work so hard to stay on top of the very fast changing industry. It's always good to reflect back and see where you started from and where we are today. I guess simply put still having Parseghian Records as our client keeps us grounded.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sunset Tan & Emsar Design LTD

Today we had a meeting with the Sunset Tan Team and are very excited to have them on board the Emsar Design LTD train!

Devin & Jeff have built Sunset Tan into a lifestyle brand which is desired by everyone. There are tons of Tanning Salons but there is only one Sunset Tan.

We will no doubt give Sunset Tan the edge they need on the web and partnering with Emsar Design LTD is a guarantee that they will.

We will keep you guys posted as we progress in this new venture with Sunset Tan. Stay Tunned...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dental Wonderland

Something that a few of our blog followers might not know is that we don't only design & develop web sites.

Check out this new Car Wrap that we did for one of our clients Dental Wonderland.

Mosci Clothing

Emsar Design LTD is the Official Sponsor for Mosci Clothing Fashion show tomorrow Friday Oct. 24th at AREA Nightclub.

Mosci is owned by Flavia and is a clothing brand with a boutique on Melrose Ave. Specializing in Brazilian Dresses, Tops, Pants and many other trendy clothing.

Check out their web site at:

Rock N' Luck

We told you about the web site we are working on for Rock N' Luck.

Here is the progress... What do you guys think?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blaque Diamond Logo & Web Site Design

Emsar Design LTD has once again delivered a great logo design and we are now working on the web site design & development.

Hipnotic Wheels will be launching their new line Blauqe Diamond wheel line, this is a sport wheel line. Blaque Diamond will have its world premier during this years SEMA show.

We are very excited to be exhibiting in Las Vegas at the SEMA show this year. I'm sure you guys already know that we don't do anything unless we do it to the max, we have the largest booth at SEMA in the business services pavilion.


Singh Autosport new MLE AD

We just finished the new ad for Singh Autosport the new ad will be in Modified Luxury & Exotics.

Singh Autosport is North America's No.1 Vehicle Performance Software Developer. When it comes to high-end cars like the Ferarri's, Lamborghini, Aston Martin's and the list goes on. NO ONE can compare to the ability and workmanship that Singh Autosport brings to the table.

With clients from your famous celebrities, fortune 500 ceo's to the very specific and detail oriented car enthusiast they all trust Singh Autosport.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Avani Activewear

We are very exited to add Avani Activewear to our client list.

After a few weeks of meeting and negotiations we today signed the contract with Avani Activewear. Avani is a manufacturer of Organic Activewear, with all the concerns of being Green what better way than to workout in all natural organic clothes?

We will begin the design of the web site shortly... We will also be involved in other aspects of the marketing besides the web site, Emsar Design LTD will also be creating new ads, celebrity spokesperson, magazine placement and many other avenues of marketing.

With all this talk of recession it is great to see majority of our clients are not effected with the changed in the economy. We are also very fortunate to have the clientele that we have which allows us to stay creative and not worry about what's going on in the economy.

Once again its always good to take a minute out and thank everyone that helps us one day at a time get to where we need to be.

Have any of you guys gone green? If so what have you changed in your life?

Monday, October 20, 2008


BLINDSIGHT CLOTHING is going to be the next hottest clothing brand to come out, with a unique denim line along with creative shirts they are sure to take the trendy clothing world by storm.

When BLINDSIGHT needed a company to handle the launch of the brand from the logo, web, pr, marketing who did they turn to? None other than Emsar Design LTD.

We have created the BLINDSIGHT logo, we are currently working on their web site design & development and also all marketing material.

You heard it here first, the Hottest Brand of 2009 is coming!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

DOT-COM BOOM IS BACK. 1997 all over again!

Emsar Design LTD was established in 1997 before the dot-com boom started, and we are now in 2008 in the beginning of yet another dot-com boom.

In a article in LA WEEKLY they talk about the return of the dot-com boom.

Read the full article here: LAWEEKLY

Geek meets tech socialite and parties like it's 1997

To the uninitiated, it’s hard to tell that the Twiistup party at Santa Monica’s Viceroy Hotel is a tech party and not a Hollywood premiere. When your eyes regain focus after the paparazzi flash at the wall of logos, one thought burbles beneath the surface of your consciousness, informing every martini sip and business-card sleight of hand: What if you’d been to a party like this back in the late ’90s, maybe a party not quite this cool or swank, but a party where a couple of college kids were looking for some money to fund their new company? And what if you happened to meet them, and you happened to get along — you’re geeks at heart, after all — and you went into business together in their funnily named start-up? What was it called again? Oh, yes, Google...

Upside Down House in Germany

I found this online and thought it was very interesting check it out...

Germany - A businessman who put up a house in Germany upside down, with its gabled roof poking into the soil, said on Wednesday it was intended to be "an experiment for the senses".

Polish-born Klaudiusz Golos said he would admit visitors to the extraordinary building from Thursday.

It has been erected among other, more normal-looking private homes at Trassenheide in Germany's north-east corner, just a few kilometres from the Polish border on the holiday island of Usedom.

Visitors enter the 120-square-metre home through the attic and ascend to the "ground" floor. All the furnishings including chairs, the fitted kitchen and the toilets are also upside down, but the stairs are right-side up because visitors have to use them.

Tourists on the island have been coming to see the house from outside for months during the building work. To cope with the extraordinary weight of the building pressing on one point, the house was built with a steel frame. - Sapa-dpa

Friday, October 17, 2008

Simon G, Katie Holmes & All My Sons on Broadway

Our client Simon G whom we have been working with since 2000 was the sole sponsor for the opening night of All My Sons on Broadway.

We are very excited for them and have heard that this is a great play to go to...

Visit Simon G Jewelry

You can also check out the web site for All My Sons

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Emsar Design LTD on Ben Ballers | I.F. & CO. Blog!

Today the owner of I.F. & CO. Ben Baller posted a very nice and long blog about us. Its very nice when our clients are happy with the work that we have performed for them.

Its very important to enjoy what you do as it will show in the final product. We have received a lot of positive feedback from the web site we designed & developed for I.F. & CO.

Check out his post on his BLOG HERE

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Roxbury Jewelry Web Site Layout

We just wrapped up the web site mock up for Roxbury Jewelry.

Jeremy the CEO of Roxbury Jewelry wanted us to create a very high-end looking web site, this is the first generation of the design I still wanted to give you guys a sneak peak into where we are at right now and then you will see the final product live on the internet.

What do you guys think of the web site design and layout?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The A Image

The A Image has been a client of ours for going on two years. We meet with Avo the owner of The A Image today to finally start on their web site.

The A Image is a custom jewelry designer with celebrity & entrepreneur clients. They have created the Playboy Pendant that you see attached and have also done a lot of other custom pieces.

We are going to start on the design & development of their web site sometime next week. We are currently waiting for the photography of the pieces to be finished.

Im sure you guys already know this but we will for sure create yet another ONE OF A KIND web site for them.

Stay tuned as more updates will come as we progress with the project.

Open Casting Call

Our clients are having a open casting call this Friday the 17th. 18+ Men & Women, this casting will be held in Beverly Hills... Call Ani Erem for more info.
Ani Erem

Monday, October 13, 2008

Foundation For A Better Life Commercial

Check out this Commercial, one of the best commercials in a very long time! Foundation For A Better Life.

What do you guys think?



We are very excited for the great response that we have received from our blog. Tomorrow marks the one month that our blog has been active and the response has been unbelievable...

Today we received over 1,839 hits on our web site / blog. From everywhere in the world.

Attached you will see images from our reporting on how many hits we have so far this month and also where people are logining on to our web site from.

THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!! Thanks for the support & interest.
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