Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jewels & Time of Jamaica

We are getting ready to launch the new web site for Jewels & Time Duty Free Jewelers of Jamaica.

Their web site has a lot of functionality which made it a very involved development process, working with Roshan from Jewels & Time made our life much easier. Roshan help guide us to the direction that they were looking to go towards.

We had more than 15 layout revisions to start this project off, but I guess thats why we get the clientele that we do, because of our service!

This web site will launch in the next 10 days! It has been a fun ride and we hope to have Roshan and Jewels & Time as a client of ours for a long time to come.

The Lili Claire Foundation | Simon G Piece is HERE!

Simon G has created a custom piece of jewelry for The Lili Claire Foundation, the picture of the piece is on top of this blog.

The ‘Lili’s Dream’ pendants will be produced in limited quantity and will be available at authorized Simon G retailers throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean beginning November 15, 2008. Each pendant is numbered and comes specially packaged with information on the Lili Claire Foundation. Simon G is pleased to present this piece in conjunction with the Lili Claire Foundation and is honored to gift a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each pendant to the Lili Claire Foundation.

By purchasing the Lili’s Dream pendant, you are not only adding a beautiful collectors piece to your jewelry wardrobe, but you are also making a profound difference in the life of a special needs child.

You will soon be able to purchase the pendant online, we are working on the site!

National Kidney Foundation

We have been maintaining the web site for The National Kidney Foundation for going on a year now.

We are very happy to be working with everyone at the foundation, they do great things and to be involved in the process in anyway it is great.

Linda Small is the director of the foundation.

Please check out their web site and see how you can support the foundation.



We are working on a logo design and web site development for 90210talent.com a modeling agency based in Beverly Hills, CA.

This should be a very fun project because of the line of business they are in.

Check out one of the logo sample that we have made for them. We will keep you updated with the status as we work on this project.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Jason of Beverly Hills New Intro DONE!

Well today we finally finished the new intro for the Jason of Beverly Hills web site, here it is:

Check out the full size version here: http://www.emsardesign.com/jasonofbh/4

The Lili Claire Foundation | Simon G

We are going to launch a mini site that we have been working on for a venture that our Clients Simon G & The Lili Claire Foundation are working on.

Simon G has designed a beautiful jewelry piece that will be sold to benefit The Lili Claire Foundation. The foundation helps children with Williams Syndrome.

We will update you with a link to the web site along with a picture of the jewelry piece.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Emsar Design LTD Website Traffic

We are pleased to let you know that we are getting a great response from this blog and the traffic to our web site has gone up! We have hits from around the world and I'm happy that all our clients from around the world are keeping up to date with everything that we are doing. Thank you for all your support and making Emsar Design LTD your trusted source for all your advertising needs.

Now if we can get people commenting we are on to something.


Emil Sardaryan
President of Emsar Design LTD

I.F. & CO. | Ben Baller

We are currently developing a new web site for I.F. & CO.

Ben Baller is known in the industry for doing over the top, flashy jewelry. With clientele from Nas, Fat Joe to Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton, he covers a large spectrum of clientele.

Stay tunned for the new web site.


A few days ago we were at a photo shoot that Ben Baller was doing for a Magazine, there was also a filming crew there taping the whole thing for a reality show that he is working on. Pictures attached....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kim Kardashian

We are very proud of Kim Kardashian and are supporting her as she does the show 'Dancing with The Stars'

Kim K Dancing With the Stars


Also there is something very interesting brewing with Kim Kardashian that we are working on, you will find out very soon... Just remember that you read it here first, you will find out what it is once the time is right, but believe me its going to be BIG!

The Pussy Cat Dolls at Macy's Event

Today at around 2pm I got a chance to see The Pussy Cat Dolls perform live for a Macy's Event happening Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

It was very interesting and Nicole Scherzinger looked very good. Here is a video from their performance.

Platinum Motorsport 10th Anniversary

Today we had a meeting at a very cool venue that might be the location of the very anticipated, 10th anniversary party for Platinum Motorsport.

More details about this event will come shortly and be sure that you will see pictures of the event once it happens.

Checkout the Platinum Motorsport Blog and comment on the posts!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jason of Beverly Hills New Web Site Intro

For the last two days we have not worked on anything else other than this intro. We are very proud of it... There are still some fine tuning that we have to do but its almost there.

You can check it out at http://www.emsardesign.com/jasonofbh/

Second Version of the intro: http://www.emsardesign.com/jasonofbh/2

We will keep you posted once its up on the site... E! Network will also be using this intro for a the Jason of Beverly Hills Reality Show.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fana Jewelry

We are currently developing a new web site for Fana Jewelry out of New York, NY.

Fana is a very high-end designer jewelry brand, we are working on showcasing their jewelry on the site but not only showcase the jewelry by give you the essence of what they are about and tie everything that they do together on the site.

Being that for most people the only showcase that do get to see of a company is your web site, it is very important that the web site reflect everything else being done back scene.

Above you will see a sneak peak of what the web site will look like once its complete.

Stay Tuned...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jason of Beverly Hills

We are very blessed to have the clientele that we have, and our clients Jason of Beverly Hills are one of our clients that make us feel blessed.

Yesterday we had a meeting with Jason, Brandt and Vanessa from Jason of Beverly Hills & Dunamis Timepieces. We are working on both their web sites, but the most existing thing we are doing for them is a OVER THE WALL animation. Stay tuned and you will see what we are creating shortly. Simply AMAZING!

Our meeting was also recorded and will be on a reality show which will air on E! Network about Jason of Beverly Hills.

Thanks to everyone at Jason of Beverly Hills for showing us love...

Great partnership with GREAT things to come!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Growth of an EMPIRE... Platinum BLOGS

Today we just launched the Official Platinum Motorsport Blog.

It's only right that the Company CRUSHING it's competition, showcases their works & lifestyle on an official blog.

The #1 Automotive Restyling Boutique in North America has gone from an idea to ICON in 10 years! It has been my personal pleasure to be involved with Platinum Motorsport since 2001.

Visit their blog to stay with all Automotive & Lifestyle trends, who better to learn from then the TREND SETTERS themselves.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gilbert Wane Pearls of Tahiti

Yesterday we had a meeting with one of our customers that we are developing their web site.

Mr. Paul Sloan flew from Tahiti to meet with us on their web development which we are working on, we also spoke about their Branding & Marketing.

Tahitian Black Pearls are the worlds most rarest pearls and our client Gilbert Wane is the largest pearl farm in Tahiti. One small Black Tahitian Pearl can cost anywhere from $3,000 - $5,000 and for the large Pearls they can go up to $150,000. An average small pearl take about 3-5 Years to harvest and a Large Pearl takes about 8 Years to Harvest.

Its great to know that we surround ourselves with the best of the best, as it helps elevate us to the top of our industry and to our throne.

We are currently working on a web site for a company owned by Mr. Gilbert Wane 'Hana Pearls of Tahiti'

Here is how its coming along...


Just a day in the office. :-)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Touch At Your Own Risk

Touch Wall Panels

The Touch Wall Panels are a series of modular three-dimensional panels that shift color in response to body heat and warm light. What a GREAT conversation piece!

Individual panel size: 24 inches quare.


We have a booth at this years SEMA show coming up.

Being that we are THE BEST in the business at what we do, we find it fitting that we present our clients and work we have done for them at the show.

We recently created a new software that enables you to customize any wheel to any color combination, Our Wheel Customizer 1.0.

Forgiato was the first company to use this technology on their web site. Click Here to see.

We hope to see you at the SHOW!

People Talking about the Wheel Customizer 1.0

Baller Ride

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Three of America's Most Wanted

This is a great picture, not only do we have Kim Kardashian who is very beautiful but we also have our clients Platinum Motorsport & Simon G.

Two Lips Shoes

We just finished talks with the Two Lips Shoe Company and we will be starting on the development of their new web site & marketing material.

We are very excited about this opportunity, with every new client comes a new challenge and I guess that's what makes our line of business fun.

Above is a mock of what their new web site will look like...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sony Rolly Amazing!

From time to time there are gadgets that come out that are amazing and the Sony Rolly I think is one of the most amazing gadgets I have seen in a long time. I just ordered one and should be getting it in the office soon.

Flip Mino Video


Introducing the Flip Video Mino

From the makers of the popular Flip Video Ultra comes the Mino, which puts the power of the video in your pocket. The super-portable, super-simple Mino makes it easy to capture and share high-quality video anywhere and everywhere. And thanks to its flip-out USB arm and intuitive, built-in software, Mino lets you view, edit and upload your videos to your web site or any popular video-sharing sites instantly. 

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Singh Autosport Photo Shoot

On Friday we had a photo shoot for a magazine ad we are working on for Singh Autosport. This will be an ad published in Modified Luxury & Exotics December or January issue.

There were 3 amazing cars that we used ;
  • One black Ferrari Scuderia
  • One red Ferrari Scuderia
  • One black Ferrari 599

These cars are like bullets, Jags the Owner of Singh Autosport really knows what he is doing when it comes to cars.

I would like to thank both Rachel & Christina for showing up to the photo shoot.

If you like fast cars and beautifull woman than I guess it was fun.


By Designer Lu Le.

Each pod holds 7 wireless bluetooth speakers. Only one possesses the one ring to rule them all because it controls global volume. They are powered by a lithium ion rechargeable via induction when placed in the pod.
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